Used Mazda3 for Sale near Oakville, ON

Used Mazda3 cars for Sale near Oakville ONUpscale affordability

A used Mazda3 is a high-quality compact sedan, also available in hatchback form as the Mazda3 Sport. However, don’t assume the Mazda3 Sport is the only option if you want your used car more than a little sporty. Both versions are small, stylish, and maneuverable cars that boast more than their share of sporty styling cues and driving characteristics. Key Mazda3 features include frugal four-cylinder engines, high-quality interiors, exhilarating handling, and general driving characteristics that will have you smiling every time you get behind the wheel. Whether you’re nipping around Oakville, Oakville Place, Lakeshore, Coronation Park, or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, few cars are as much fun for the money as a used Mazda3.

Mazda3 style

A used Mazda3 will grace any home, workplace, or parking space where you choose to leave it around Oakville and the surrounding area. The two different body styles of Mazda3 you’ll find in our used car inventory here at Erin Mills Mazda are the Mazda3 four-door sedan and the five-door hatchback Mazda3 Sport. The four-door sedan is inevitably the most popular and most common model, but take a good look at a Mazda3 Sport because it’s hard to believe there’s a more attractive hatch than this in the market.

Both Mazda3 body styles are sleek, sporty, modern, and more than a little futuristic. The beauty of these cars is far more than superficial, though, because the interiors look and feel like luxury cars costing considerably more than the little Mazda. Mass-market compact cars are seldom as comfortable, upscale, and high-quality as this inside, but apparently, nobody bothered telling the Mazda3!

Engines and performance

You’ll find either a 2.0-litre or a 2.5-litre engine under the hoods of a used Mazda3. They’re relatively sizeable powerplants for a car of this size and class, but that’s part of what makes a used Mazda3 such a superb driver’s car. However, a used Mazda3 isn’t just great for the driver; the quiet, refined, and smooth ride is a pleasure for everyone inside, as well as the strong engines, a stiff chassis, and compliant suspension that takes bumps in its stride all play a part in delivering an exceptional driving experience. Even models with the largest available alloy wheels will leave you and your passengers delighted with how comfortable a used Mazda3 feels.

Used Mazda fuel economy ratings will vary depending on the chosen model, engine, drivetrain, and other factors. However, there’s no such thing as a gas-guzzling Mazda3, and many models can return combined fuel economy ratings of around 7.8 L/100 km.

Check out a used Mazda3 near Oakville, ON

Whether you spend most of your time nipping in and around Oakville or traveling further afield in the Greater Toronto Area, a used Mazda3 is a sensational small car for the town, city, or longer journeys. Instead of being just another compact, economical, and affordable compact car, the Mazda3 is genuinely stylish, sporty, great to drive, and seriously desirable. Check out a used Mazda3 from our used car inventory at Erin Mills Mazda near Oakville, at 2400 Motorway Blvd, Mississauga, ON, or call us at (905)-828-0070 for more information about a used Mazda3 or any of the used vehicles we have in stock or coming in.

Used Mazda Cars for Sale near Oakville Ontario